Mate in Two Chess Problem Solutions

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Problem 1

white Qh1 Pg4 Bd2 Rf1d6 Ke8 black Pg3c5h6g6e6 Ke5 Ra1 Bb8
Lazar Borisovich Zalkind
Die Schachwelt, 1912
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Problem 2

white Ba6 Ka5 Qb6 Ph3f6 Sd4f7 Rf5 black Bh7 Ke4 Qg8 Pf3 Sd7 Rd8
Konrad Erlinger
Tidskrift för Schack, 1912
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Problem 3

white Bc1 Kb5 Qc6 Pe3b6 Sg3d5 Rf1a5 black Qd4 Pf6 Sa1g7 Rg8 Ke5
Cyril Stanley Kipping
Nottinghamshire Gdn, 1912
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Problem 4

white Qf2 Sc3d8 Bb6 Kh6 black Sb8 Pe2g5f6f7 Rd2e7 Bh2d3 Ke5
Cyril Stanley Kipping
Manchester City News, 1912
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Problem 5

white Qe5 Ke7 Rh8 Sd7 Bb8 black Pg7b7a7 Se2 Rh1e1 Ka8
Erwin Voellmy
Basel Solving Tourney, 1913
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Thanks to Dmitri Turevski for the chess problem database yacpdb and the py2web script.