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I will start at University of Helsinki in January 2017 in a new project related to grasp measurement; we measure accurately how people grasp objects and use physical interfaces. I finished my PhD studies in 2016 at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University, Finland. My research interests are in imaging technology, viewing experience, binocular perception, and the perceptual and affective effects of stereoscopy. I have designed and conducted several user studies on image quality and viewing experience on a variety of stereoscopic displays and contents, as well as experiments on mobile stereoscopic user interaction and stereoscopic camera acceptance. I have had the privilege to teach and assist in teaching of quality of visual media, digital imaging, and experimental research of perception at Aalto University. In addition, I have supervised numerous bachelor’s theses related to stereoscopic imaging and imaging technology in general. Prior to my academic career, I worked in 3D visualization and interactive marketing solutions.


Science fiction. Cycling. Chillies. Chess. Born in 1979. I speak English, Finnish, some Swedish and German. I currently have the basic proficiency in Indonesian, but I am learning more all the time with the help of my wife and the Indonesian community in Finland. Indonesia is a beautiful country with great economic potential, and I wish to work there some day.



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